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Harnessing Aerial - Drone Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

Show Notes:

What You Will Learn-

(5:00/11:50) The founding story of InterDrone and how it progressed from a hobbyist drone show into a top commercial UAS conference in thee industry

(7:45) The importance of networking and recommendations to broaden your network & reach within the industry

(10:45) How the COVID-19 pandemic has effected InterDrone and what the current plan is for the 2020 conference

(15:00) What InterDrone looks for in its speakers/presenters in order to drive high value quality educational content and what their vetting process looks like

(17:45) Suggestions for finding you own voice when creating or curating content that resonates with your audience

(18:45) The importance of listening to your audience to shift your content and/or business strategy & ways to do that

(20:00) Why flight logging is one of the most underrated marketing/sales tools for drone pilots and drone service providers

 (21:55) How a niche focused strategy helps you build expertise and credibility within your industry segment to grow your business

(22:45) Why Google Ads is a crucial tools for DSPs and how to use it effectively for your drone service business

(24:35) Mike’s top 3 insights/lesson learned from his 5+ years in the UAS industry

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